What is CashCrate?

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CashCrate is the internet's best GPT website. You can earn money online from completing simple surveys. CashCrate is always 100% free and has a proven payment history of over $3.8 million. Your share of this cash is just one click away. Go ahead and join free today to experience all CashCrate has to offer. Join below.

What Is CashCrate

Do you want to make money? Are you online a lot?

 If you said YES to those questions, then this is the website for you!

CashCrate is the best GPT (Get Paid To) website on the web. It is 100% free to join and 100% legit; I have received 6 CashCrate checks. CashCrate doesn't ask you for your credit card information to join, and it is totally free!

 Here are the ways you can make money from CashCrate:

You can complete the following

  • Quizzes (Like "Find out your favorite Game!")
  • Complete Surveys
  • Or you can make some extra cash with the Referral Program.

 Here is the referral system explained, if you sign up under a person they make 20% of what you make and 10% of what your referrals make.

 You refer "Sue" to CashCrate- she completes an offer worth $5.00. When she is credited with her $5.00 you will be credited $1.00 (20% of $5.00) since Sue is a direct ("first level") referral of yours.

Sue then refers "John" to CashCrate- John completes an offer worth $6.00. When John is credited his $6.00, Sue will receive $1.20 (20% of $6.00) because John is a first level referral of Sue's, and you will receive 60 cents (10% of $6.00) since John is a "second level" referral of yours.

Before you freak out, you will never lose any of your money if you sign up as someone's referral you are helping your referrer earn some extra money. If you sign up with Cashcrate under me I will send you a free 21 page guide and you'll have my help anytime you need it. The more referrals you earn, the higher you referral percentage goes.

Another amazing thing about Cashcrate is you can earn points. There are 4 ways to earn points. For every $1 you make on Cashcrate you get 1 point. You could play the 8 games Cashcrate has to offer and earn points through that way. Another way is to go to the points section and complete point offers.

 You can also complete Bonus Point offers. These points are used to redeem items like PS3's, iPods, and gift cards. To get paid you have to meet the simple $20 payout. This will be very easy for you to do with my help. This means that once you make $20 in October the checks will be processed on November 15Th, but you'll probably receive it around the 23 of November. If you can't make $20 in August then your money simply rolls over to the next month. Once you earn more referrals you will have the option for direct deposit into your bank account. Thanks for reading and I know that Cashcrate is the website for you!