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CashCrate is the internet's best GPT website. You can earn money online from completing simple surveys. CashCrate is always 100% free and has a proven payment history of over $3.8 million. Your share of this cash is just one click away. Go ahead and join free today to experience all CashCrate has to offer. Join below.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Earn Money from Watching Videos!!

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube? Of course you have, most everyone has! Now at CashCrate we're paying you to actually watch short videos! CashCrate is working on a new feature which will let any one of their 2.5 million members earn money from watching quick, neat videos.

get paid to watch videos

Prizes range from trips to Vegas, StarBucks Gift Cards, or cash prizes!

Most videos offer cash prizes that add up quickly to the $20 minimum payout CashCrate requires. That just means that you have to earn $20 before CashCrate can mail you your check (also paid for by CashCrate!)

Before you can get started watching videos you must fill out a simple form about yourself so CashCrate knows which videos you'll most likely watch and enjoy out of the whole lot of them.

Here is the form:

CashCrate is always coming up with great new ideas that are revolutionizing the way to make money online. You can also earn money from playing classic video games like Frogger. There is also a fun forum full of nice people that will answer every single question you have! I've been a member of CashCrate since August, 2009 and I can say that joining was a great decision.

CashCrate is mainly a survey site where they offer a ton of surveys which you can complete to earn easy money. Each survey is 100% free and easy. Actually, everything at CashCrate is 100% free! We have members earning over $1,000 per month from hardly leaving there computer. CashCrate is great for teens and stay at home moms or dads!

To learn more about CashCrate's survey options, visit our What Is CashCrate page.

I also have CashCrate testimonials and pictures of my own personal CashCrate check on our CashCrate Proof.

If you're going to join, click here to do so! By using that link you'll get a $1 signup bonus and a 15 page quick start guide to CashCrate!

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions by using the Contact page.

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