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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is Beezid a Scam?

Beezid is a website that sells products for up to or over 50% off the regular price. Beezidis a penny auction website, that means every time someone bids on an item, the item cost raises by $0.01. This might sound unbelievable, but I've seen products like $100 Victoria Secret Gift Cards sale for $4.38. Once I saw a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card sale for $0.39. Like almost every website that sales a product or is related to money, there are some people that say it i s a scam.

"Once I saw a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card sale for $0.39."
beezid3-1.jpg picture by onlineiseasy

People think that Beezid is a scam because of the extremely low prices for expensive products. I can't blame them; I first thought Beezid was a scam too. I did some research and found out how the owners of Beezid earn profit and maintain the low prices of their products. When you join, you are given 3 free bids; you can bid on a product 3 times with these. You can also use the coupon code below when you join and receive more free bids, but I recommend you buy some bids after you join. That's how Beezid make money; you have to buy bids to buy products. I'm not saying that this is a waste of money; I'm just saying that Beezid is an ingenious creation.

They sell bids for an average of $0.75 a bid. So each time someone bids on an item, the item is raised by a penny but you are giving back the $0.75 you paid for the bid. So, an item that has a value of $500 gets $10 worth of bids means Beezid is making (on average) $750.00 off of a $500 item. That is how Beezid can afford to sale expensive merchandise for cheap prices.

On every item there is a timer, time is added to this timer changes every time a item is bid on. This can be a major problem when bidding, because you could waste your money and bidding on an item could last hours. So when you are bidding, be smart and choose a time when you think there will be fewer members online.

Like every auction site, you need to be careful when bidding and you need a credit card to join.
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Anonymous said...

I personally have wont a ton of Beezid Auctions. I came across a product called Beezid Pro. It does not do the bidding for you, but it really helps you get a global view of what is going on. Worth every penny.

Keep up the good work!