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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Make CashCrate Referral Become Active

Whenever you refer someone to CashCrate, they become your referral and usually help you earn money. A lot of the members at CashCrate earn over $100 a month just from referrals. Most of the time, referrals will not earn you anything or become active. They will join CashCrate, and quit. An average non active to active referral ratio for a CashCrate member is around 10:1. This can be a problem; because those referrals will never help you earn money, or raise your CashCrate referral percentage. That's why you need a plan or a way to talking them into becoming active. I don't know why, but whenever a refer someone to CashCrate, they join and never come back. I don't know why someone would ever join a website that they don't plan on using, but they do. When this happens, you'll need to message them via the Message Center.

After I've referred a new member to CashCrate, I'll wait 3 days before I send them a message to see if they've read my "Welcome Message" (you can set up a welcome message to be sent to your referrals when they join by going to the CashCrate Message Center, then click "Options," and then fill out the box with the desired message. Before this message can be confirmed, CashCrate has to view it and make sure it is appropriate). If they've not read my message (you can tell if they've not read it if the link in the "Sent Messages" page is not bold), I will send them a message asking why they've quit, how can I help them, and if they'll come back. Now, you might be wondering, "What is the point of sending them a message if they do not even log in to CashCrate?" I do this because when someone sends a message, you receive an email saying that "You Have a New Message!" This should get their attention, and possibly bring them back to CashCrate. Most will not return to CashCrate, because they didn't read the email, or just deleted it. Either way, this is a nice tactic to refer your referrals back to CashCrate.

Another great tactic to keep a referral active is to have a nicely written welcome message that grabs your referrals attention. Try writing a message like this one.

"Hey! Welcome to CashCrate! Thank you for joining as my latest referral! At this website, your earning's are limitless! We've had members earn over $10,000! If you need any help, feel free to contact me *Your Email Here*, or send me a message through CashCrate."

You should probably come up with your own; I think that would help your referrals get to know you better. People are drawn to numbers in a message, like above I said "...We've had members earn over $10,000!" So be thinking of that.

These are just some things to think about to help you keep your referrals from leaving CashCrate forever, I hope that this post has helped you out. If you have any tips, please post them in the comment section.

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