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Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to Generate Backlinks With Blogger

Backlinks are the backbone of anyone's blog or website. Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity of that website or page, but other measures such as PR (page rank) are also important. You don't want to build a link farm (reciprocal back links from a small topic) though; link farms can hurt your PR too. There are other ways to build backlinks other than reciprocal backlinking; this is an idea that I picked up in a SEO forum. You could set the link exchange system into a 3 way system, here is how.

Have 3 groups, group A and Group B and Group C

Everyone in group A links to the people in Group B only
Everyone in group B links to the people in Group C only
Everyone in group C links to the people in Group A only

That way you will do away with any direct link or reciprocal backlink exchanges. One problem that you will face is that most of the people that will want to exchange with will be beginning bloggers and website builders, exchanging with these bloggers will destroy this system and hurt your blog. Be very careful who you exchange with, before I except a link exchange I run the blog/website through 2 tests.

(1) I test it with a Free Blog Grader (If it is a blog, usually a 70 or higher I O.K)
(2) I test it with a Free Website Grader (If it is a website usually a 75 or higher I O.K)
(3) Lastly, I run it through a link popularity check. (This works with both blog and websites. I O.K if the blog/website has over 2,000 links in total)

If you perform these tests, you will the choosing the right partners.

Another great way to gain backlinks is to start networking. Networking is basically and a big team helping each other. For example, let's say you join a Traffic Exchange as someone's referral that person would join Cashcrate or another website as you referral. Or you buy a website domain or website hosting with someone's referral ID and they join a website as your referral, so you both receive some profit. As you can see working together and to the benefit of all the parties involved can sometimes work out really well. If you have a large team, you and every team member will receive a larger amount of profit.

You might be wondering "How exactly do I find people to network with?" There are many forums out there on the internet, join some then become an active member (50-100 posts, don't act like a spammer) and develop online relationships with the people there, invite other webmasters to link exchange with you and go from there. You can find forums by going to Google and search "_____ forum" and you'll find a ton of results. Soon, after you gain other networking members your network will continue to grow. Just get out there and search and good luck!

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