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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cashcrate Tips

Here are a couple simple tips to Cashcrate.

Tips To Get Offers To Confirm Faster

So you've done tons of offers and none are confirming, here's what you should do:

-Set a limit to how many offers you do at once. Only do about 1-3 offers at once. If you do to many offers at once they will stay in your pending section forever and never confirm. Do a few offers, wait for them to confirm then do more. I usually redo an offer if it doesn't confirm after 3 days.

-Use different e-mails for every offer. Once a company already has your information they don't want to pay twice for the same information from the same person.

- Clear your cookies every time you finish and submitted an offer. This will extremely help in confirming the offers.

-Always use your real info, if you lie your account will be banned.

How To Erase your Cookies

Google Chrome Internet Explorer

1) Go to the "Wrench" in the top right hand corner 1) Go to Tools

2) Click "Clear Browsing Data" 2) Click Internet Options

3) Check the "Delete Cookies" box 3) Go to the "General" tab

4) Click "Everything" in the drop down menu 4) Click "delete" under browsing history

5) Click "Clear Browsing Data" 5) Check the "Cookies" box

6) Press Delete, then OK

Mozilla Firefox

1) Go to Tools

2) Click Clear Private Data

3) Check the "Cookies" box

4) Click Clear Private Data Now

Before completing an offer, sort the offers by "Rating" and "100% Free."

These are simple tips. For more tips and tricks to Cashcrate, click HERE.

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