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CashCrate is the internet's best GPT website. You can earn money online from completing simple surveys. CashCrate is always 100% free and has a proven payment history of over $3.8 million. Your share of this cash is just one click away. Go ahead and join free today to experience all CashCrate has to offer. Join below.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The CashCrate Scam

A lot of people are saying that CashCrate is a scam, and that you shouldn't trust them. Most of those people are saying that so their websites can get page views. The truth is, CashCrate is not a scam. It is 100% legitimate and you will be paid. I've received several checks from CashCrate already, and so have many other members. CashCrate has already over $3,000,000 to its 2,000,000 members.

I have to say that CashCrate is my favorite GPT site on the web. They have always paid me on time, and with no excuse. Many people use CashCrate and are very satisfied with it. Click here to see some CashCrate proof. I've compiled some of my checks and gathered some testimonials from some CashCrate forum members.

CashCrate will never ask for your social security or credit card number, so you do not have to worry about being billed. CashCrate will never give out your personal information like where you live or your name to companies or to the public. All of your information is safe with CashCrate, you'll never have to worry about anything.

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