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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Unique Ways to Save Money

I was thinking today that I waste tons of money. Every day I spend money on things that I don't need or I could buy for a discount. So I created this list of 10 Unique Ways to Save Money. I hope this list helps you conserve some cash.

Free Stuff- Have you ever been to a fair, college campus, parade, or any other social gathering where small or even large business's give out free samples like t-shirts, pens, pencils, cups, or bags? If not, you need to go to one! Every fair or parade that I've been to people give out free stuff. Usually it's to make you want to buy some of their other products, but you don't have to. Just smile and say "Thanks".

Dust Off the Old Bike- Stop driving your car everywhere, take your bike for a spin or start walking to your destinations. This saves you gas money. Sometimes this may not be possible, for example if your destination is over 15 miles away; you might want to stick to driving.

Eat Less- Everyone likes to buy that extra chocolate bar or buy the $1.50 soft drink in the drink machine. I know I do, but if you stick to 3 meals a day you won't have to spend a $1 here and $2 there for snacks from the vending machine.

Buy In Bulk- Buy your food in bulk packages instead of individual packs. This goes back to the idea above this one, people that own vending machines buy in bulk to resale the goods for a higher price. In the end, you're being scammed. If you don't know what I mean by bulk; it's where you go to Sams Club or Costco and buy the 50 chocolate bar pack rather than the 5 pack.

Expensive Clothes- Now a days, we're set on buying the latest fashion and the hottest brand name clothing. I've seen pants that are full of holes and tears that are selling for $90+ a pair! Why would you buy those when you can buy a simple pair of "un holy" pants for $15 a pair? If you're into having holes in your clothes, just buy a cheap pair of pants and cut holes in them. That way you're saving money and being creative.

Huge Upgrades- Have you ever been in a fast food restaurant drive thru and have an employee ask you "Would you like to upgrade your order of small fries to a medium order for $.25?" You want to say no, but what do you do? You take the deal. The sad part is that we know that we're wasting our money, and yet we still upgrade.

Expensive Hobbies- Everyone has a hobby or hobbies, and usually these hobbies are expensive. I used to collect coins, which is a very expensive hobby. So if you have a bunch of hobbies, I suggest you try and cut down to about 2-3 hobbies. This will really cut the bills down.

Car Pool- Ask some of your fellow students or friends from work if you want to car pool together. This saves everyone that is participating gas money. Even if you have to ride with a smelly person that talks about nothing you care about; it's worth it.

Become A Chef- I don't mean to really go to chef school but try to cook some meals for yourself. If you do this you'll save some cash and this could possibly help your health (depending on what you cook).

Bargain- The next time that you go to a store, ask if you can get this for a discount. This might not always work, but I've had the most luck with this at stores where employees work on a commission (ex. car dealership). Or look in news papers for coupons for stores that you visit regularly.

These 10 money saving tips have saved me close, if not over $100. Tell me below in a comment if any of these work for you (they will of course!).

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