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Friday, November 26, 2010

How To Advertise With Twitter

Everyone is looking for new ways to advertise their website or blog. Some are trying social networks like Myspace and Facebook, but the majority is using Twitter to advertise their websites. I've noticed that people that use Twitter to advertise are using it wrong. They are following random people hoping that the people that they follow will follow them back. For example, I tested this method out and I followed exactly 2,000 people. Guess how many followed me back; only 487. That's not even 25% of the total people I followed. So don't just follow random people, follow people that you are trying to target. I'm trying to target teens without a job, so that's what I'd target on Twitter.

Before we get too deep in discussion about promoting, let's make sure that your Twitter profile is set up correctly. Whenever you join, make sure to add your blog or website URL into the "More Info URL" box with the "http://". You can find the "More Info URL" box under the "Settings" tab. It is also important to fill in your Mini Bio box with truthful information and be sure to add something along the lines of "I'm the owner of http://www.joincashcrate.net/ " without the http:// and change my blog link to your website or blog URL. If you do what I said above you will have just gotten your first Twitter backlink. You might also want to check out the "Goodies" link in the footer for cool buttons and widgets for you blog or website. Now since your account is set up we can start using some Twitter tools.

My favorite Twitter tool is TwittGeek. TwittGeek is a free service that allows you to follow 150 people per day in a certain category that you choose. TwittGeek also has a membership called TwittGeek Pro that costs $8 your first month and $5 every month after. Once you upgrade you also get to follow up-To 300 Twitter members per day (Double). You also can set automate following, that's when you set a category and TwittGeek does the rest for you.

Besides using TwittGeek to get traffic to your webpage or Twitter page; you can use ReTweet_Central.
ReTweet_Central is an automated ReTweet service that will tweet whatever you want them to to their 26,516 followers. All you have to do to get ReTweet_Central to tweet what you want is to follow them and send them a direct message with what you want them to tweet. Be sure to stop your message with about 35 extra characters because ReTweet_Central always posts RT and your name after it in this format RT @YourTwitterName: Tweet. This is one that I sent them:

"ReTweet_Central RT @JoinCashCrate: Ten Unique Ways to Save Money http://bit.ly/61T5Q5 Check it out, comment on it."
Once you have enough followers you can use a service called RevTweet. I use RevTweet and have made $27 with it. It's takes a while to use, but once you figure out how it works it really is great. P.S That link above is not my referral link. RevTweet is 100% free so don't be nervous about joining.

Don't fall for scams like "Pay for ReTweets" websites while you can use ReTweet_Central. Always search for a free service before you pay. There are also a ton of bots and programs that you can use to receive followers and I do not recommend using or downloading those. Some might contain malware and most of them do not work. Just follow the tips above and you'll be on your way to page #1 on Google!

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