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CashCrate is the internet's best GPT website. You can earn money online from completing simple surveys. CashCrate is always 100% free and has a proven payment history of over $3.8 million. Your share of this cash is just one click away. Go ahead and join free today to experience all CashCrate has to offer. Join below.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How CashCrate Works

CashCrate is the best GPT (Get Paid To) website on the web. CashCrate allows you to complete online survey and other offers. After you've completed a survey/offer, you get paid a certain amount of money. This can range from $0.10 to $100.00. You're probably wondering how CashCrate can afford to pay you these large amounts of money. Well, the answer is that CashCrate is the largest GPT site on the web (they have over 2,000,000 members). Since they are so large, many companies try to get their survey listed on CashCrate. They'll pay a lot of money to do that, which is why you can get paid so much. Once you've completed an offer, the company that you completed the offer for has to pay CashCrate first. Once CashCrate has received the companie's payment, you're paid. Don't worry about not getting paid, your CashCrate account is linked to the special link that you click to visit the offer. CashCrate takes a small percentage of the earnings too, for example, if you complete an offer worth $1.00, it might actually be worth $1.50, but CashCrate keeps the $0.50. They always take a small percentage; it is less than 25%.

This is what I mean:

1. You complete an offer.
2. The company that you completed the offer for pays CashCrate.
3. CashCrate takes a small percentage out of the payment.
4. You get paid with the majority of the payment.
5. You get paid via check or direct deposit.

After you've reached the minimum payout of $20.00 (Can be completed in less than 3 days) you'll be paid. You can only be paid by check. When your check is sent, you do not have to pay for postage. Although, once you have 50 active referrals you can choose a different payment method. This option is direct deposit. That's when CashCrate wires your payment to your bank account. This can save time and money for everyone.

If you're still wondering if CashCrate is 100% free; the answer is yes. You'll never have to pay a cent while you're on CashCrate, unless you choose to complete the trial offers. Right now, I have 25 pages of offers to complete, that is over $1,000 worth of cash right there!

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