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CashCrate is the internet's best GPT website. You can earn money online from completing simple surveys. CashCrate is always 100% free and has a proven payment history of over $3.8 million. Your share of this cash is just one click away. Go ahead and join free today to experience all CashCrate has to offer. Join below.

Monday, November 29, 2010

CashCrate Surveys

If you're looking to make money online, then you should start with CashCrate. CashCrate is an online survey site where you get paid to take free online surveys. I like CashCrate because they were one of the first sites to offer this program. They basically started the GPT industry. At CashCrate, you get paid to take online surveys, complete simple quizzes, and join free websites! The surveys are very simple, and take 3-5 minutes to complete. The survey topics are mainly about what store you prefer over another one. Like do you prefer Wal-Mart over Costco?

After you've earned the minimum balance of $20, you get paid. You can get paid by check or direct deposit. But, to be able to be paid via direct deposit, you have to have 50 active referrals. If completing online surveys sounds boring to you, then you can try your hand at referring members. When you refer a member to the site, you earn a 20% commission off of what they earn, and a 10% commission from what their referrals earn. Here is an example:

You refer "Austin" to Cashcrate - he completes an offer worth $5.00. When she is credited with his $5.00 you will be credited $1.00 (20% of $5.00) since Sue is a direct ("first level") referral of yours.

Austin then refers "Brian" to CashCrate - Brian completes an offer worth $6.00. When Brian is credited his $6.00, Ausin will receive $1.20 (20% of $6.00) because Brian is a first level referral of Austin's, and you will receive 60 cents (10% of $6.00) since Brian is a "second level" referral of yours.

As you can see, CashCrate is the best GPT site on the web. CashCrate is always adding new offers and having referral contests (there's one going on right now). Best of all, CashCrate is 100% free! Get your share of the free cash, and join now! Click here to join CashCrate!

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